Literacy Advance is the Literacy strategy for Years Prep to Four.

A 2-hour literacy block operates most mornings. During this time students are involved in various tasks and are grouped for intensive, focused teaching sessions that target their literacy needs in the areas of Reading, Writing (including Spelling, punctuation and grammar) and Speaking and Listening.

Books taken home help students practice and consolidate the reading skills that they have been taught at school. Reading Recovery is an early intervention program focusing on students in Year One.

Parents and caregivers play a vital supportive role during the Literacy Block.

Middle Years Literacy (Years Five and Six):


Students learn to be critical thinkers, to reflect on what they have read and to develop reading strategies in order to make meaning of the text.


Students analyse the structure and organisation of different text forms, focus on appropriate language and
rules for writing different types of texts.


Students focus on developing strategies to assist them in learning to spell accurately.

Oral Language

Students are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills.


All students are encouraged to visit the school library with their class, at lunchtime or after school to borrow from
the well-stocked library including a majority of titles on the Premier's Reading Challenge.